GST Suvidha Provider (GSP)


  • Introduction

    The proposed GST envisages all filings by taxpayers electronically. To achieve this, the taxpayer will need tools for uploading invoice information, matching of input tax credit (ITC) claims, creation of party-wise ledgers, uploading of returns, payment of taxes, signing of such document with digital signature etc.

    The GST System will have a G2B portal for taxpayers to access the GST Systems, however, that would not be the only way for interacting with the GST system as the taxpayer via his choice of third party applications, which will provide all user interfaces and convenience via desktop, mobile, other interfaces, will be able to interact with the GST system.

    GST Suvidha Provider

    The third party applications will connect with GST system via secure GST system APIs. All such applications are expected to be developed by third party service providers who have been given a generic name, GST Suvidha Provider or GSP.

    Taxpayers will interface with GST System via GST system portal or via GSP ecosystem provided by way of applications for activities such as Registration, Tax payments, Returns filing and other information exchange with GST core system. The GSPs will become the user agencies of the GST system APIs and build applications and web portals as alternate interface for the taxpayers.

    The GSP developed Apps will connect with the GST system via secure GST system APIs. Thus there will be two sets of interactions, one between the App user and the GSP and the second between the GSP and the GST System.

    GSP - Examples

    As of now 34 Companies are listed as GSP (GST Suvidha Provider).

      Tally Solutions

      TATA Consultancy Services

      Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India LLP


      Ernst & Young LLP

      Cygnet Infotech Private Ltd.

      Taxmann Publication Pvt. Ltd.

      Karvy Data Management Services Limited

    Role of GST Suvidha Providers

    GSP will provide innovative and convenient methods / applications to taxpayers and other stakeholders to interact with the GST System. They will facilitate registration of entity, uploading of invoice details and filing of returns.

      All filings by taxpayers electronically.

      Uploading invoice information.

      matching of input tax credit (ITC) claims

      Creation of party-wise ledgers.

      Uploading of returns

      Payment of taxes and

      Signing of such document with digital signature etc.

    The GST Suvidha Providers (GSPs) are envisaged to provide innovative and convenient methods to taxpayers and other stakeholders in interacting with the GST Systems from registration of entity to uploading of invoice details to filing of returns.

    Benefits to taxpayers in using the GSPs

    A GSP providing tax accounting software will have the advantage of already providing the tax payer with a vast majority of the taxation functionality. It will help the tax payer to upload of the invoice/ return and reconciliation of the same is also provided by the GSP. Whereas in case of GST portal, another set of exercise manually or otherwise will have to be done to upload the invoice data or the return.

    The interface and features exposed by GST portal will be uniform for all taxpayers and might be basic in form and design.

    On the other hand GSPs are expected to have richer interfaces and features required by specific group (large taxpayers with completely automated financial system, SME with semi-automated system and small size with no system) of taxpayers. Also, by sheer size the GST portal will not be as nimble as that provided by a GSP.

    GSPs can come up with application to provide GST filing facility in existing software or develop end-to-end solution for SME and small taxpayer to manage their sale/purchase and GST filing e.g. an offline utility like spread sheet, which taxpayer can fill their invoice details and then upload on GST portal for processing.

    Benefits to Tax Consultants

    For Tax Consultants (TC), GSPs can provide dashboard to

    ·        Display list of his/her all clients and

    ·        Display snapshot of the actions/ pending actions for a particular client.

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