Uploading Invoices


  • Uploading Invoice Data

    GSTN will provide spreadsheet (like Microsoft Excel) like tools free of cost to taxpayers to enable them to compile invoice data in the same and upload invoice data in one go.

    This will be an offline tool which can be used to inputs invoice data without being online and then upload the invoice data in one go for few hundred invoices.

    Unique Line for Invoices

    GSTN will not generate any new identification. The combination of Supplier’s GSTIN, Invoice no and Financial year with HSN/SAC Code will make each line unique.

    Mobile based Apps

    The GST portal is being designed in such a way that it can be seen on any smart phone. Thus ledgers like cash ledger, liability ledger, ITC ledger etc. can be seen on a mobile phone.

    GST Portal will have functionality to take invoice data on any time basis. Earlier one uploads better it is as it will get reflected to the receiver who can see the same in his/her purchase register.

    Confidentiality of the Data

    All steps are being taken by GSTN to ensure the confidentiality of personal and business information furnished by the taxpayers on GST Common Portal. This will be done by ensuring Role Based Access Control (RBAC) and encryption of critical data of taxpayers both during transit and in storage. Only the authorized tax authorities will be able to see and read the data.

    Security Measures taken by GSTN

    GST Systems project has incorporated state of art security framework for data and service security. Besides high end firewalls, intrusion detection, data encryption at rest as well as in motion, complete audit trail, tamper proofing using consistent hashing algorithms, OS and host hardening etc.

    GSTN is also establishing a primary and secondary Security Operations Command & Control center, which will proactively monitor and protect malicious attack in real time. GSTN is also ensuring secure coding practices through continuous scanning of source code to protect against commonly known and unknown threats. 

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